Oldfield confirms 8-album set


Mike Oldfield has confirmed the launch of an eight-album box set in October.

And while he’s declined to speak to the press about the release, he’s come up with an interactive way for fans to get involved with the news.

The Studio Albums 1992-2003 contains the titles released during his tenure with Warners: Tubular Bells II, The Songs Of Distant Earth, Voyager, Tubular Bells III, Guitars, The Millennium Bell, Tr3s Lunas and Tubular Bells 2003.

A brief statement explains: “Mike says ‘hello’ and sends his love. He’s made a mix for you from The Lake, with just guitars and bass, and he invites you to make your own versions of it. He says he’s not much good at interviews or selfless, so there will not be a new movie of Mike talking – but he hopes you’ll enjoy this little piece of music.”

The set will be released on October 20. Tubular Bells II, The Songs Of Distant Earth, Voyager and _Tubular Bells III _are to be released on 180g vinyl at the same time.

Oldfield’s most recent album, Man On The Rocks, appeared in March.