Metallica's 10th album 'more diverse' than Death Magnetic


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich says the band’s upcoming 10th studio album is “more of a diverse record” than 2008’s Death Magnetic.

The San Francisco group are currently mixing the project, which is expected to be released later this year.

Ulrich tells Citizens Of Humanity: “It definitely sounds like Metallica. It’s probably a little less frenetic than the last record.

“The last one Rick Rubin really encouraged us to, for the first time, be inspired by our past. It was the first time we sort of looked in the rearview mirror.

“This time around it’s a little bit of a different thing. We’re not working with Rick, we’re working with the engineer from the last record, who’s producing, Greg Fidelman.

“So there’s some of the same production elements at play, but we’re expanding a little bit on the sonics. It’s probably a bit more of a diverse record than the last one.”

Metallica are meeting this month to discuss plans to roll out the project to fans.

Ulrich previously said: “You could argue that there’s two creative processes now. There’s the creative process of making the record, writing the songs and getting all that done, and the creative process of figuring out what the fuck to do with this record and how you get it out to people.

“There’s no ‘one way.’ You know, do you want to leak it on YouTube, do you want to give it away, do you want to sell it. Whichever version – there’s no right or wrong way, it’s only what works for you.”

Metallica will next perform at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on August 20.

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