Magellan albums combined in re-release

Magellan’s first two albums have been re-released in a single volume.

Debut title Hour Of Restoration from 1991 has been set beside 1993 follow-up Impending Ascension under the title Double Feature.

American brothers Trent and Wayne Gardner were joined by bassist Hal Stringfellow Imbrie. Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry made a guest appearances on 1993 track Waterfront Weirdos.

Magna Carta Records say: “The early influences of Rush, Yes, and Kansas are marbled throughout Magellan’s debut album, which recounts the signing of the Magna Carta and takes a progressive excursion through England’s formative years as a nation.

Impending Ascension is a truly great progressive rock work. Building upon the same prog influences as Hour Of Restoration, it features better, more consistent songwriting and a harder-edged sound.”

Wayne Gardner died last year. Double Feature is on sale now.

Hour Of Restoration tracklist

  1. Magna Carta

    2. The Winner

    3. Friends Of America

    4. Union Jack

    5. Another Burning

    6. Just One Bridge

    7. Breaking These Circles

    8. Turning Point

Impending Ascension tracklist

  1. Estadium Nacional

    2. Waterfront Weirdos

    3. Songsmith

    4. Virtual Reality

    5. No Time For Words

    6. Storms And Mutiny

    7. Under The Wire

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