Macca releases vinyl video game tie-in


Paul McCartney has released his track Hope For The Future as a 12-inch single.

He recorded it specifically for the science fiction video game Destiny which launched last year. Now he’s issued the track on 180g 12-inch vinyl. It features his original recording along with four remixes.

He says on his website: “When you’re writing something like Hope For The Future, which is custom made, it is like doing a portrait for someone. You have to use your imagination and work out what they need, what they’re going to want and then what you want to give them.

“Then you’ve got to combine those three things into something that you still think maintains integrity. So in the game you’re basically trying to save Earth from the invaders, the aliens, so that suggested to me the hope for the future idea and I went from there.“

He continues: “Then I thought it is not just a game song, this will get played outside the game so it has to stand alone too, you can’t have references to aliens or people will think, ‘What’s he talking about?’ So it had to have its own stand alone meaning and integrity.”

The track was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with a 120-piece orchestra conducted by Giles Martin, son of legendary Beatles’ producer George.

McCartney caused a stir earlier this month when his collaboration with rapper Kanye West was announced. He appears with the US artist on his track Only One.


  1. Hope For The Future (Main) 2. Hope For The Future (Thrash) 3. Hope For The Future (Mirwais Mix) 4. Hope For The Future (Beatsession Mix) 5. Hope For The Future (Jaded Mix)