Lunatic Soul shut out the sun


Lunatic Soul, the solo project of Riverside vocalist Mariusz Duda, have launched a teaser clip from upcoming fourth album Walking On A Flashlight Beam.

It features part of opening track Shutting Out The Sun, which appears on the Kscope release on October 13.

Duda says of the album: “The title indicates living in a world of imagination, in a place that’s made up and unreal. You can have your head in the clouds, you can chase after rainbows – so you can walk on a flashlight beam too.

“It’s a story about choosing to be alone. It’s about people who, even on a bright and sunny day, have the curtains drawn and the blinds closed in their rooms. I’ve written about solitude and living in a world of fiction before in Riverside’s lyrics, but now I’ve decided to write a whole album about it.”

Lunatic Soul previously launched a stream of second track Cold.


  1. Shutting Out The Sun

  2. Cold

  3. Gutter

  4. Stars Sellotaped

  5. The Fear Within

  6. Treehouse

  7. Pygmalion’s Ladder

  8. Sky Drawn In Crayon

  9. Walking On A Flashlight Beam