Tusmørke write prog album for kids

(Image: © Terje Sk\u00e5r)

Norwegian outfit Tusmørke have announced that their upcoming fifth studio album will be released later this year.

Titled Bydyra – which translates to urban wildlife – it’s set to arrive on November 10 after the band signed a new deal with Karisma Records.

But what makes their new album different from their previously releases is that it was written for, and performed by, children.

A statement reads: “Coming in at a whopping 15 tracks, Bydyra is composed of two original mini-musicals that were written specifically for a local children’s school in Oslo.

“It is a unique work that explores the relatively grown up subjects of urban wildlife, the skyrocketing prices of housing in Oslo, the financial crisis, social issues, global warming, and good and bad magic.

“With Bydyra, Tusmørke have succeeded in blending their unique take on prog rock with a substantial dose of humour to create an album that will be enjoyed equally by both children – who will be enchanted by the characters and their adventures – and by adults, who will succumb to the psychedelic prog folk overtones.

“It is a journey filled with magical creatures that serve to charm and educate at the same time.”

Find the Bydyra cover art and tracklist below.

Tusmørke Bydyra tracklist

  1. Tre som bor i et Tre (Three who live in a Tree)
  2. Trefar (Three Father)
  3. Mellomspill (Interlude)
  4. Rottekongen (The Rat King)
  5. På Biblioteket (At the Library)
  6. Vi er eid (We are owned)
  7. Dyrene i Byen (The Animals in the City)
  8. Elvene i Oslo (The Rivers of Oslo)
  9. Signekjerringa (The Sibyl)
  10. Tenkeren (The Thinker)
  11. Trollmannen (The Enchanter)
  12. Lær de fattige å trylle (Teach Magic to the Poor)
  13. Dyrene bor ute (Animals Live Outside)
  14. Underboerne (The Underdwellers)
  15. Katabasis

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