Listen to new Alan Parsons track Miracle - featuring Jason Mraz

Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons has released a stream of his new track Miracle.

It’s been taken from his upcoming studio album The Secret, which will launch on April 26 via Frontiers Music srl.

The song features guest vocals from Jason Mraz, with Parsons explaining how the collaboration came about.

He says: “I met Jason two years ago through a neighbour who grows coffee on his ranch. Jason wanted to grow coffee himself and our neighbour, Jay, was kind enough to introduce us since we had mutual musical interests. 

“For Miracle, Jason recorded his vocals in Dallas while I listened in Santa Barbara and we sent files back and forth, resulting in this song. Thus proving that you don't necessarily have to be in the same studio with someone to create music. 

“This was also the case with Lou Gramm on the track Sometimes, which he sang in New York. 

Mraz adds: "Eye In The Sky is a song I have a very early memory of, strapped in the backseat of my mom's green Fiat, 1982. Alan Parsons is on the radio and I’m singing along, harmonising. 

“That sound of rich harmony over magical words would stick with me for my whole life and ultimately become what my own career is about – trying to solve universal quandaries through song craft.”

Mraz reports that when he heard Miracle he “loved it” and adds: “It sounded like a song right off of Eye In The Sky. As if no time had passed, proving time might just be a construct after all.”

The Secret will be the first Alan Parsons album since 2004's A Valid Path, which saw him work with David Gilmour and The Crystal Method. Parsons also has history with new label Frontiers, having released 2010's Eye 2 Eye - Live In Madrid album with them.

Parsons is currently on tour across North America.

Alan Parsons: The Secret
1. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
2. Miracle
3. As Lights Fall
4. One Note Symphony
5. Sometimes
6. Soirée Fantastique
7. Fly To Me
8. Requiem
9. Years Of Glory
10. The Limelight Fades Away
11. I Can’t Get There From Here

Alan Parsons: The Secret
Alan Parsons will release his new album The Secret in April. It'll be his first record since 2004's A Valid Path, and features the lead single Miracle, which features vocals from Jason Mraz.View Deal