“I’m a cosmic thunderlord, here to present you the best show you’ve ever seen”: Watch Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst seemingly lose his mind during a collaboration with shoegaze band Diiv

Fred Durst in an orange hat, sunglasses and a hi-vis jacket
(Image credit: Diiv via YouTube)

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has appeared in the music video for US shoegaze act Diiv’s new song Brown Paper Bag.

The video, released yesterday (February 26), depicts the Brooklyn-based four-piece performing on a fake Saturday Night Live set, with Durst showing up early on to introduce the band.

“Ladies and gentlemen … Diiv,” the nu metal agitator simply says, yet does so in a striking get-up composed of an orange beanie, sunglasses indoors and a high-visibility jacket.

Durst also rocked up in a promotional clip for the Brown Paper Bag video that was uploaded to Diiv’s Instagram on February 21.

The short reel depicts Durst standing in front of Diiv on the music video’s ‘SNL’ set, where he introduces them with an incoherent monologue.

“Hello everybody out there in TV land, stream land or whatever land you’re in,” he begins.

“I’m Fred Durst and I’m hosting Saturday Night Lies this week with musical guest Diiv – that’s with two I’s.”

He continues: “There’s a frog in the hot dog, if you know what I’m saying. [We don’t. – ed.] Interdimensional or not, I don’t know: I’m a goddamn cosmic thunderlord and I’m here to present you the best show you’ve ever seen and these guys are badass.

“Stay tuned!”

The rambling collaboration is the latest in a string of cameos from Durst. The vocalist appeared on the song Bang Ya Head by UK nu metal up-and-comers Wargasm back in September.

Wargasm singer Milkie Way told Metal Hammer of the team-up: “Fred Durst is a very well spoken, very smart, almost too smart for his own good, gentlemanly man. He doesn’t deserve half of the bullshit that he’s gone through in his life. And he’s a fucking genius.

“Limp Bizkit bring a house party vibe to their live shows, and they bring a lot of energy,” she added. “And I feel like maybe they saw a bit of that in us.”

Durst then rapped with German entertainer Alligatoah on his single So Raus, released in December.

Limp Bizkit have plans to tour extensively in summer 2024. The nu metal band will appear as special guests at Download festival in Donington, UK, in June, then headline the Loserville tour across North America in July and August. Tickets are now available.

Matt Mills
Contributing Editor, Metal Hammer

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