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Korn launch new single Can You Hear Me and announce The Nothing podcast series

Korn (Image credit: Roadrunner Recoerds)

Korn have released a visualiser video to accompany their new single Can You Hear Me.

The song will feature on their album The Nothing, which will arrive on September 13 through Roadrunner Records.

The video also acts as a tailer for the upcoming podcast series, also titled The Nothing, which has been written and created by Korn, along with Adam Mason and Simon Boyes.

The podcast will be spread over six episodes with the band saying: "In the spirit of giving our fans the most comprehensive and immersive Korn experience, we’ve created a fictional, narrative podcast called The Nothing

"With Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, we tell the story of a small town in Kansas that has seen its ills be solved at the hands of a charismatic, commune leader and his devotees. But of course, nothing is ever as it seems."

The podcast has been produced by Elizabeth Mason and directed by Adam Mason, and stars Keir O’Donnell, Darri Ingolfsson and Mikayla S. Campbell, while Korn frontman Jonathan Davis created the soundtrack. 

Further details on the series will be revealed in the near future.

Korn previously released the singles You’ll Never Find Me and Cold from the follow-up to 2016’s The Serenity Of Suffering.

(Image credit: Roadrunner Records)

Korn: The Nothing
1. The End Begins 
2. Cold
3. You’ll Never Find Me
4. The Darkness is Revealing
5. Idiosyncrasy
6. The Seduction Of Indulgence 
7. Finally Free
8. Can You Hear Me
9. The Ringmaster
10. Gravity Of Discomfort
11. H@rd3r
12. This Loss
13. Surrender To Failure 

Korn: The Nothing
Korn return with The Nothing – their first album since 2016's The Serenity Of Suffering. The record features the lead tracks You'll Never Find Me, Cold and Can You Hear Me.View Deal