Karda Estra issue Future Sounds EP


Karda Estra have released a six-track EP called Future Sounds.

The release is available digitally now on all major download and streaming sites, and can be heard below.

Included in the tracklist is a song called Yondo, which the band say is “inspired by the weird story The Abominations Of Yondo by Clark Ashton Smith.” Another track, Naill, is the first collaboration between composer Richard Wileman and drummer Paul Sears since the Strange Relations album released earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Karda Estra continue their programme of digitally re-releasing their Cyclops label albums, with the last in the series, 2003’s Constellations, due in January. The digital edition sees the Karda Estra version of the Steve Hackett track Twice Around The Sun restored to the track listing.


  1. September Song
  2. Season’s Greet
  3. Niall
  4. Young Crescent
  5. Yondo
  6. Future Sounds