Rob Halford: I can still scream my head off

Rob Halford says he’s still able to deliver full vocal power on stage – despite recent criticism from Paul Di’Anno.

The former Iron Maiden singer last month compared abilities with his Judas Priest counterpart and said: “My voice is actually getting better. I’m hitting notes Rob Halford can’t hit any more – and the reason is I don’t fuss over it.”

Asked if he’s still able to pull out all the stops on tour, Halford tells 99.1 WPLR (via Blabbermouth): “I am. I love it so much and I’m just so stoked by standing on stage, 40 years later, still screaming my head off and having the time of my life.”

And he says of Priest’s latest album Redeemer Of Souls: “We have a track called Halls Of Valhalla and there’s a little moment in that song where it breaks down and I do this ungodly, unearthly scream. I don’t know where it came from. In fact, we kept it from one of the demo rehearsals, because it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime things you can’t exactly get right again.

“Check that out – it’s currently my favourite heavy metal scream.”

Halford was recently embroiled in a battle of quotes with Di’Anno’s successor Bruce Dickinson, although the Metal God dismissed the argument as a “storm in a metal teacup.” Priest are gearing up for a US tour that starts on October 1 and continues until November 22.

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