Di’Anno: I hit the notes Rob Halford can’t reach


Paul Di’Anno insists his voice is in better condition than Judas Priest singer Rob Halford’s – because of his seven-nights-a-week touring schedule.

The former Iron Maiden frontman believes his performances are better than they’ve ever been, even though he’s still drinking and smoking.

Di’Anno – who earlier this week confirmed his retirement plans had been shelved – tells Mitch Lafon: “My voice is actually getting better. I’m hitting notes I’ve never hit in quite a long time.

“I’m hitting notes Rob Halford can’t hit any more. And the reason is I don’t fuss over it. Some people go, ‘I’ve got a slight cough; let’s cancel the whole show.’

“If you look at my touring schedule, it’s brutal. Normally I do this five, six, seven days a week. I still smoke, I still drink – I still have it, mate.”

Di’Anno is working on an album with latest band Architects Of Chaoz, while his live DVD The Beast Arises will be released on October 6 via Metal Mind Productions.