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Halford: Autocue row is a storm in a metal teacup

Rob Halford has laughed off Bruce Dickinson's jibes about him using an autocue on stage.

The Judas Priest frontman was responding to the Iron Maiden singer’s comments that artists should not have to read their own lyrics from a screen.

Dickinson was particularly annoyed by Halford apparently using an autocue while singing Priest’s classic Breaking The Law.

But Halford insists the pair are friends and has described the controversy as a “storm in a metal teacup.”

He tells 107.7 The Bone: “What we British say is it was just a storm in a teacup. I love Bruce. He’s a great friend of mine. And he’s very outspoken. He’s a great frontman, a great singer from a great band.

“And, you know, these things are said in many ways, and I’m sure he didn’t mean it in any other way than Bruce sometimes goes off in one of his rants. You know, it’s just the way it goes.

“But, yes, storm in a teacup. Storm in a metal teacup.”

Judas Priest release their 17th album Redeemer Of Souls on Monday, July 14.