Order your limited edition Judas Priest bundle – featuring an exclusive Invincible Shield T-shirt

Rob Halford
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To celebrate Judas Priest’s new album, Invincible Shield, we’ve teamed up with the band for a very special bundle. Frontman Rob Halford is on the cover of the latest Metal Hammer magazine, cuddling kittens… because why not? This bundle will come with a different kitten cover you can’t get in shops – plus, an exclusive Judas Priest T-shirt!

There are only 300 bundles worldwide, and you can only order them via Metal Hammer – so get yours now! ORDER YOUR EXCLUSIVE JUDAS PRIEST BUNDLE HERE.

Inside the issue itself, we meet Metal God Rob Halford in his adopted hometown of Phoenix, Arizona and introduce him to some loveable rescue kittens! As well as playing with his new feline friends, Rob reflects on coming out on MTV in the 90s, singing and recording with country icon Dolly Parton, and the making of 19th album Invincible Shield

The record features guitarist Glenn Tipton, who stepped back from touring duties in 2018 after disclosing a diagnosis of later-stage Parkinson’s disease, but still remains active in the studio.

“When Glenn and Richie [Faulkner] and myself get in a room, like Priest have always done, as a three-piece – two guitar players and a singer – that’s the metal magic,” Rob explains. “All of that energy, all of that youthful exuberance was still there in those initial writing sessions.”

“He’s still an important contributor to everything this band does,” Rob adds. “Including his work all over Invincible Shield. That’s Glenn playing the guitar. So whether it’s just a chord, whether it’s riffs, or whether it’s a little bit of lead, Glenn is on Invincible Shield. That needs to be said. His value and his input have not diminished; he’s just as important a part of Priest as he ever was.”

Invincible Shield is out now via Columbia, and in the UK, it’s the highest-charting record of the band’s career, debuting at No. 2. In our nine-star review of the album, Metal Hammer’s Rich Hobson said:

“By the time the curtain falls on Giants In The Sky – a tribute to Dio and Lemmy – there can be no denying it: Judas Priest have produced an album worthy of their own legendary status, still showing the rest of the world how it’s done. Bostin’.”

Also in the magazine, there are brand new interviews with Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Chelsea Wolfe, While She Sleeps, Dragonforce, Cattle Decapitation and many more!


Eleanor Goodman
Editor, Metal Hammer

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