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Jethro Tull launch charity hand sanitiser

(Image credit: Stuart Wood)

Jethro Tull have launched a charity hand sanitiser which is helping to raise money in the USA for the Helping The Heroes charity.

Approved by Ian Anderson himself, proceeds from sales will help small businesses, veterans, first responders, healthcare workers and others in need through a number of charities including the Virginia service disabled veteran-owned Center for Applied Innovation, and the non-profit campaign Helping the Heroes.

“A wee drop of the strong stuff! Of course for the hands only," says Anderson. "Keep yourself safe, and by doing that you keep others safe, too. All in a good cause so choose this. The only officially-sanctioned Jethro Tull sanitiser hand rub."

The sanitiser is currently only available in America as current DHL, FEDEX, UPS and USPS regulations do not allow shipment of hand sanitiser to customers outside the United States.

The sanitiser begins shipping on July 20. Bottles cost $9, with a four bottle pack costing $32 and a six bottle pack priced at $48.

Pre-order Jethro Tull hand sanitiser.

Jethro Tull

(Image credit: Jethro Tull)