Jagermeister launch Festival Friend Finder


Jagermeister have co-developed a device to help festival-goers locate their friends – and a prototype is being rolled out this summer.

The German liquor firm, along with UK company Designworks, have been testing the kit and are looking to introduce the gadget at Bloodstock next month.

The tracker consists of a main unit, which can be wirelessly paired with up to four tags and uses radio frequencies to connect the devices together. Once paired, the tracker uses audio beeps and flashing lights to guide music fans to their friends.

According to Jagermeister, losing a friend at a music event was voted one of the biggest festival bugbears in a poll of 1000 people.

“Jagermeister has a packed festival season every year and we’ve witnessed the frustration of hearing your favourite band but not being with your mates,” says Samantha Green, Jagermeister’s events manager. “These events are all about sharing the amazing experience, so we hope this prototype will be in the hands of all festival-goers one day soon.”