In Hearts Wake kept Earthwalker twin album secret


In Hearts Wake have revealed they recorded a second album while working on last year’s release Earthwalker.

The resulting record, Skydancer, can be regarded as a twin work, and it’s to be launched on May 4 via UNFD. They’ve released a video for lead track Breakaway.

Frontman Jake Taylor says: “I’d been searching for a concept that could explain the relationship between the masculine and feminine worlds, and how we need to be at peace with both.

“Many cultures believed the human body was a bridge between Mother Earth and Father Sky. One could not exist without the other – and therefore everything was one.

“To me, the essence of those energies could be seen even within my own parents. I felt like I was the product of both.”

Skydancer includes an alternative version of the previously-released title track. Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside, Marcus Bridge of Northlane and Ben Marvin and J Hurley of Hacktivist. Find out more.


  1. Aether

  2. Skydancer (feat. Jonathan Vigil)

  3. Breakaway

  4. Badlands

  5. Insomnia

  6. Oblivion

  7. Wildfire

  8. Cottonmouth

  9. Erase (feat. Ben Marvin & J Hurley)

  10. Intrepid (feat. Marcus Bridge)

  11. Father