Heather Findlay announces live album

Heather Findlay
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Heather Findlay has announced a new live album Live White Horses. The album is limited to just 500 copies and available from Findlay's website. 

"Earlier this year I was fortunate to have been able to tour Wild White Horses in the UK with an absolutely stellar bunch of hugely talented and wonderful souls," says Findlay. "We recorded some of those UK shows and from which, I'm delighted to able to bring you Live White Horses, A double disc jewel, documenting the whole Wild White Horses journey!"

Live White Horses comes as a signed and dedicated two-disc album accompanied by a signed and numbered VIP Wild Whiteb Horses retro tour laminate. The full show is featured on disc one, whilst disc two offers a collection of  live sessions, bootlegs & rare gems from throughout the Wild White Horses ride, beginning in Nashville, Tennessee last summer, travelling onward across Europe with stops in London, Germany and back home again. The first 75 copies also come with a rare, signed Here's To You promo CD.

"Looking over all the photos for the artwork, I've found myself beaming over what an immense time we shared," she adds. "I feel the music has captured the vibe perfectly and Brino has once again done a fabulous job on the mix! Despite the fact that it feels like eons ago now that we could enjoy live music together, I hope this album can re-kindle for you some of the magic and excitement that live music experience brings."

Pre-order Live White Horses.

Heather Findlay

(Image credit: Heather Findlay)
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