Halestorm in Apocalyptic studio video


Halestorm have released a video of them performing an acoustic version of Apocalyptic.

It was recorded in a session at Atlantic Records in New York earlier this year. They previously unveiled performances of What Sober Couldn’t Say and This Modern Love from the same session.

Apocalyptic appears on the band’s latest album Into The Wild Life.

In a track-by-track breakdown of Into The Wild Life for TeamRock, guitarist Joe Hottinger said of Apocalyptic: “We were initially going to lead off the album campaign with Amen, and then our label said we should go with Apocalyptic – and they were totally right because this was more a seamless transition between the last album and this one.

“We wanted to lead the listeners in subtly, and I’m glad that we did. The response to this song’s been great when we play it live.”

Halestorm hit the UK next year as part of the Carnival Of Madness tour.