Gulp release new single Claudia

Gulp - All Good Wishes

Search For Your Love
Spend Time Right Here With You
I Dream Of Your Song
All Good Wishes
Morning Velvet Sky
Following Rain
Watching Ships
Silver Tides

Gulp, the band formed by Super Furry Animals bassist Guto Pryce, have released a new single, Claudia, from their forthcoming album All Good Wishes.

"Claudia was inspired by a hand drawn comic book picked up in New York City, who’s character tried to catch the moon. Musically we channeled 60’s Tropicalia and 80’s synth anthems," the band explain.

The band's sound mixes Krautrock with dreamier pychedelic touches and a dash of the Cocteau Twins.

"It’s very organic, something we made at home in our basement,” Pryce says. “We try to have an element of restraint in that as well, like for example in the amount of synths we use. We try to use only one or two actual keyboards, instead of using the million options that digital plugins offer."