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Go behind the scenes on Jason Momoa’s Ozzy Osbourne video

Jason Momoa has revealed how he became Ozzy Osbourne in the promo teaser for the singer’s new track Scary Little Green Men.

Behind-the-scenes footage shows how the Game Of Thrones star turned into Ozzy for the clip for the song from the Black Sabbath icon’s new album, Ordinary Man.

At one point, Momoa jokes that he looks less like Ozzy and more like “Big Captain Jack Sparrow.”

“We wanted to make an Ozzy video, but having Jason in it channelling Ozzy’s spirit,” says director Marc Klasfield, adding: “Jason is a true metalhead.”

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage below.

Momoa is a longtime metal fan who grew up listening to Metallica and Pantera. In 2018, he told Metal Hammer that many of his performances have been inspired by metal bands.

"Aquaman's pretty metal. I know no-one thinks that, but Aquaman's metal," he said. "I kind of build my characters off of metal songs. Conan (The Barbarian) was really heavy Pantera, I'd say Aquaman was probably mostly built out of Tool and (Metallica album) Kill 'Em All. Ticks And Leeches, if I want to get specific. There's a lot of Sabbath in there too."

Ozzy  says that he plans to start work on the follow-up to his new album Ordinary Man as soon as possible.

Speaking to iHeart Radio’s Eddie Pappani, Ozzy said: “I'm hoping that next month I'll go and do another album with Andrew [Watt, Ordinary Man producer]. I might as well, while I'm not doing gigs.