Go Behind The Scenes Of Lonely The Brave’s Video For Rattlesnakes

Lonely The Brave Dogs German Shepherd

Lonely The Brave are currently putting the finishing touches to a video for their latest song, Rattlesnakes.

The track is taken from the band’s follow-up to their 2014 debut, The Day’s War. The album, titled Things Will Matter, will be released on May 20 through Hassle.

Says director Hugh Ip of the clip: “Our concept for Rattlesnakes is based on social behaviour and prejudice being learned behaviour. We train animals to become who we want until it is implicit and instinctual to them. Humans can be trained as well – to be unpredictable, aggressive and extremely defensive. Sometimes for no reason whatsoever.

“Disliking another human being can be complex, caused by seeing a distorted view of that person, skewed by a personal, emotional or past event sometimes even unrelated to that person,” he continues. “The only reason people do not kill, hurt or ruin each others lives is because society teaches us not to do so. Nevertheless, there is still a survival instinct humans have, an instinct that cannot be unlearned and in the right conditions, can strike out without control.”

“Visually, we wanted to show that there is an inner and outer shell to each person, seemingly dichotomous at first, but becoming more ambiguous as we move through the song. We start to see people’s behaviour falling apart, eventually showing their true nature through their own eyes. The beautiful and seemingly perfect exterior has an interior motive too and it’s not always pretty.”

You can watch the video for Rattlesnakes on TeamRock next Tuesday – but in the meantime, here’s an exclusive gallery of shots taken behind the scenes.

The song itself was one of our tracks of the week on April 22.