These are the best songs you'll hear all week

HIM Ville Valo
Knowing HIM, knowing you... A-ha!

When it comes to pizza buffets, the more gluttonous of us will see the all-you-can-eat offer as some sort of gastronomic challenge. Bread versus the elasticity of our stomach linings. Commerce versus nature. Many people will fall by the wayside. The chosen few will remain unstoppable.

That’s how we approach things here at TeamRock. But time and stomach cramps have taught us that six slices is adequate – it’s the quality of the toppings which are the deciding factor.

So, in a way, pizza is a lot like music if you think about it. So, grab a seat and gorge on these six tasty treats, before patting your stomach in a self-satisfied manner.

Listen, enjoy and comment below…

DEFTONES – Prayers/Triangles
A new Deftones release is always cause for giddiness, and eighth album Gore, which came out last week, was no exception. As most Deftones albums do, it further pushed the boundaries of the metal genre, as this snarling, twisting track demonstrates. A pure and perfect example of how there can be as much power in nuance as there can be in aggression.

BIFFY CLYRO – Wolves Of Winter
Ever since their days on Beggars Banquet, Biffy Clyro have always kept their fans on their toes. Just when you feel like you’re settling into their obtuse verses, they’ll swerve the song unpredictably into the path of an oncoming melody. It was that approach which made the Scottish trio stand out from their peers and Wolves Of Winter shows no signs of breaking that anti-formula on forthcoming seventh album Ellipsis.

MGT & Ville Vallo – Knowing Me Knowing You
Let’s be honest for a moment – despite their monumental success, ABBA are surely one of the worst ever bands in the history of music. So it’s something of a surprise that this collaboration between HIM mainman Ville Vallo and British guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite actually makes this song kind of bearable by toning down the cheese and ramping up the rock.

If you’ve ever seen owl-loving Norwegian metallers Kvelertak live, you’ll know they’re a true force to be reckoned with. On this track from forthcoming third album Nattesferd (we don’t know what it means, either – Google Translate helpfully said it meant nattesferd), they’ve bottled that energy and ferocity and channelled it into a juggernaut of a track that sounds like three songs in one. Value for money.

ARCHITECTS – Gone With The Wind
Now no longer just a classic romantic tale from the 1930s, Gone With The Wind is also the title of this breathtaking new song from Brighton’s Architects. Taken from their forthcoming album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, it flits between fury and reprieve, Armageddon and redemption, and sees the metalcore five-piece deliver their most brutal and beautiful track to date.

LACUNA COIL – The House Of Shame
More than two decades after forming, Italy’s premier goth-metallers are still delivering the goods as if the world is going to end tomorrow. At least, that’s the sense you get from this doom-laden and dramatic track, taken from their eight studio album, Delirium, which is set for release next month. All together now – it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel terrible…