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Glass Hammer issue trailer for Valkyrie

Glass Hammer
Glass Hammer

Glass Hammer have issued a trailer for their forthcoming 18th album, Valkyrie.

The nine-track follow-up to last year’s The Breaking Of The World is due out on September 27 and can be pre-ordered on the band’s website.

Vocalist Susie Bogdanowicz has also moved up to front the band, replacing Yes man Jon Davison, whose role has diminished since joining the prog giants in 2012.

Multi-instrumentalist Steve Babb told Prog: “Our fans have been begging for Susie to have a bigger role in our music for years. We’re happy that she’ll be fronting the band, with Fred and I in supporting roles.”

He said of Valkyrie: “We rehearsed for months and approached the production as if we were preparing for a live concert. The goal was to capture the energy and edge we have on stage. We essentially recorded it live, as one performance.”

Describing it as a concept album in the vein of 2002’s Lex Rex and 2005’s The Inconsolable Secret, Babb added: “It’s the story of a soldier’s struggle to return home from the horrors of war, to the girl who loves him and must ultimately find her way to him.

“Of course, it goes much deeper than that – and that’s why I’ve dedicated the lyrics to those battling the long-term effects of trauma, and those who care for them. It’s a serious subject for a serious album.”

Glass Hammer Valkyrie tracklist

  1. The Fields We Know
  2. Golden Days
  3. No Man’s Land
  4. Nexus Girl
  5. Valkyrie
  6. Fog Of War
  7. Dead And Gone
  8. Eucatastrophe
  9. Rapturo

Glass Hammer Valkyrie artwork

Glass Hammer Valkyrie artwork

Glass Hammer: Ode To Echo

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