Glass Hammer announce new album Mostly Live In Italy

Glass Hammer - Mostly Live In Italy

1. The Fields We Know
2. Golden Days
3. No Man’s Land
4. Nexus Girl
5. Fog Of War
6. Dead And Gone
7. Eucatastrophe
8. Rapturo
9. Glass Hammer Medley
10. Hyperbole

US prog rockers Glass Hammer have announced that they’ll release a new album next month.

It’s titled Mostly Live In Italy and it's set to arrive on May 18 and continues the US outfit’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

It was recorded during their appearance at last year’s 2 Days + 1 Prog Festival in Veruno, Italy, and contains the majority of their Valkyrie album.

Glass Hammer bassist Steve Babb explains: “It’s 'mostly live' because Fred Schendel actually played and re-recorded the guitar back at our studio.

“The Veruno tracks represented an opportunity to do something really unique with our Valkyrie album material – namely, adding some new ideas to the mix while preserving the integrity and energy of the live show. 

Mostly Live In Italy represents our first-ever concert in Italy and we were determined to create an incredible memento from that experience that our fans would love!”

To mark the announcement, Glass Hammer have released a trailer for the album which can be seen below.

Mostly Live In Italy is now available for pre-order from the band’s website.