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Gandalf’s Fist announce double album The Clockwork Prologue

Gandalf’s Fist (Image credit: The Regsy Photography)

Gandalf’s Fist have announced that they’ll release their new studio album this summer.

The double LP is titled The Clockwork Prologue and is described as an “expansion pack” to 2016's epic triple album The Clockwork Fable.

It’ll launch on July 1 and will contain a mixture of unused material and brand new songs composed by the now six-piece group.

The Clockwork Prologue is described as “neither a prequel nor a stand-alone story but somewhere tantalising between the two” and will give listeners “either their first glimpse into the steamy world of the subterranean city of Cogtopolis, or more excitingly, upgrades their previous album to a five-hour quintuple prog epic.” 

Gandalf’s Fist frontman Dean Marsh says: “I’ve loved playing video games since the 80s and the idea of creating a musical expansion-pack, in the same way game manufactures introduce new levels and new quests has been an undertaking we’ve all enjoyed immensely. 

“It’s been a great opportunity to finish all the wonderful ideas we couldn’t even fit into a triple album in 2016 as well as been a fantastic way of collaborating on new material with our own ‘upgraded’ lineup.

“The whole thing sounds fantastic and without question has some of our finest songs to date!”

The Clockwork Prologue will once again feature actors Mark Benton, Bill Fellows, Paul Kavanagh and Tim Munro.

The album is now available to pre-order through the band’s website, with a full tracklist to be revealed in due course.