Gandalf’s Fist tease 6th album


Gandalf’s Fist have launched a teaser clip for their 6th album, which will arrive next year.

And the band vow they’ve taken the time to ensure it’s a fitting sequel to their 2014 release.

They say on their production blog: “Following up A Forest of Fey is a daunting task, and as such, we spent a significant amount of time in pre-production, crafting the concept, the story and the songs.

“It’s up there with the best work we’ve ever done. There’s some really cool up-tempo stuff, as well as some really touching slow, delicate numbers as well as a few choruses that really soar up into the stratosphere.”

The record will include contributions from vocalist Melissa Hollick, who’s appeared on the last two Gandalf’s Fist titles, and other guests are to be confirmed in due course.

Drummer Stefan Hepe reports: “One late evening, we were chatting about different things – song structures and stuff – and suddenly Luke Severn said, ‘I have a concept story for you.’ In the next five sentences he laid out the complete foundation for the album.

“You could hear the literal pin drop. I have yet to find an album with a story as dense and intense as this one. Won’t give away too much, but it is pretty damn awesome.”

Further details will be revealed in due course.