Galahad revisit Empires Never Last


Galahad will release a remixed, remastered version of 2007 album Empires Never Last as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations next year.

The new version, completed by Karl Groom, launches on January 5 and comes with additional alternative versions of the tracks Termination and This Life Could Be My Last.

Empires Never Last: The Deluxe Edition is accompanied by a seven-song disc called Empires: A Curious Companion, featuring demos, unused ideas and pieces issued as downloads from the Galahad website.

Further releases are planned for 2015. The band report: “We’re making good progress re-arranging a section of older tracks to be included on When Worlds Collide – a name we thought very apt as it’ll be partly a collision of new recordings of old songs. Recording will commence shortly.

“Hopefully it will be a succinct representation and summary of our back catalogue, plus a great taster for anyone who has yet to dip their toes in to the world of Galahad music.”

The band have confirmed two shows for 2015 with many more to be announced – they’ll play the Thomas Tripp Beer Festival, Christchurch, on April 26 and Mr Kyps, Poole on July 4. The second show is to be their “main 30th anniversary show.”

Empires Never Last: The Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order now.

Deluxe Edition tracklist

  1. De-Fi-Ance

  2. Termination

  3. I Could Be God

  4. Sidewinder

  5. Memories From An Africa Twin

  6. Empires Never Last

  7. This Life Could Be My Last

  8. Termination (alternative version)

  9. This Life Could Be My Last (alternative version)

A Curious Companion tracklist

  1. Empires Never Last - Part Two (demo)

  2. Sidewinder (abridged demo)

  3. Spineless (demo)

  4. Termination (instrumental demo)

  5. This is Where I Come From (mellotron showcase)

  6. Wagging Tongues (selected moments of madness)

  7. Empires Never Last (piano/mellotron demo)