Francis Dunnery announces ‘last rock show’


Francis Dunnery has announced that his concert at London’s Bush Hall tomorrow night (Sunday) will be his “last rock show.”

It’s the final date on the Sensational Francis Dunnery Band’s UK tour – and although he says audience responses have been “absolutely amazing” they’ve been too small, making his decision easy.

Former it Bites frontman Dunnery says in a web post: “There comes a time in all our lives when we have to face up the harsh realities of life. I regret to inform you that on Sunday 2nd November I will play my last rock show.

“It hasn’t been a difficult decision to make simply, because of the massive amount of energy it takes to rehearse and perform these shows, in contrast to the support we receive when we finally arrive at the concerts.”

He’s added via Twitter: “I am sad to say I have to announced the end of my ‘full band’ touring days. There are not enough people wanting to see the shows. Audiences have been absolutely amazing on this tour, but not large enough. We simply haven’t had the support.

“I plan on going out with the best shows of my life in Cardiff (Saturday) and London (Sunday). Thank you for the past 30 years – it’s been a hell of a ride!”

Dunnery has a string of house concerts confirmed for November. His website is still taking bookings for the small-scale events, described as “a completely unique experience combining music, personal stories, psychology, philosophy and astrology – all in the comfort of your own home.”