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Former Purson vocalist Rosalie Cunningham reveals future plans

Rosalie Cunningham
Rosalie Cunningham (Image credit: Getty)

Former Purson vocalist Rosalie Cunningham has revealed her plans for the future.

She announced in April last year that Purson had split, saying at the time that the band had “gone as far as it could go.”

Now she’s checked in to say that she has an abundance of new material written and is now seeking a band to bring everything together.

Cunningham says: “2017 was a struggle for me in many ways, but I can see now that they were necessary evils. I’ve come out the other side older, wiser and stronger.

“After the break up of Purson and then a series of continuous confidence blows at my most vulnerable, I spent most the year avoiding music. I was still writing – in secret – and have somehow amassed a couple of albums worth of material, some of which are by far the best songs I’ve written.

“My plan was to lock myself away and record ‘McCartney 1’ style – playing all instruments, producing, mixing etc, but to be honest, it’s a lonely process sometimes. I met some truly amazing friends and musicians in 2017 and it’s made me very grateful for the people around me and how they inspire me.”

Cunningham says the new material is “not a million miles away” from Purson’s sound and that the new-look band will be “a vehicle for my songs and go under my name – or with and ‘and the somethings’ – but I’m looking for kindred spirits, exceptional talent and excitement.”

She continues: “It has to be a band where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. If you are into my Purson material, it’s not a million miles away but it’s more mature. More about honest, powerful songwriting and less about the bells and whistles. Not to say that there won’t still be generous helpings of psychedelia.”

Cunningham reports that she’s not just looking for a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and drummer, and adds that she’s “open to any new textures.”

She continues: “I’m hearing strings on a lot of the new stuff… brass, woodwind too.”

For more information, visit Purson’s Facebook page.

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