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Purson: The Circle And The Blue Door

Tales of psychedelic Goths.

Sometimes you can go forwards by moving backwards. Purson have settled on the early 70s for the building blocks of their psychedelic Gothic tales – big, bass-driven riffs, swirling Mellotrons and flanged guitars.

With Rosalie Cunningham’s voice the driving force, Purson come across somewhere between Renaissance and All About Eve, albeit with a heavier touch. Despite the title this is not a concept album, although there are certainly musical and lyrical threads running through it.

After the acoustic, mood-setting Wake Up Sleepy Head, the songs vary between the forceful, claustrophobic Spiderwood Farm and Leaning On A Bear, and the pastoral, bucolic Sailor Wife’s Lament and Tempest And The Tide. It all ends up back in the nursery with the dreamy Rocking Horse before the enigmatic, Bowie-like Tragic Catastrophe brings the evocative adventure to a close.