Flying Colors release ‘raw’ version of debut album

Flying Colors
Flying Colors

Supergroup Flying Colors have released a ‘raw’ version of their 2012 debut album.

The band features drummer Mike Portnoy, keyboardist Neal Morse, vocalist and guitarist Casey McPherson, guitarist Steve Morse and bassist Dave LaRue – with the new version titled True Colors featuring the original master recording as it was mixed in the studio. It was helmed by executive producer by Bill Evans.

Speaking about the decision to release a new version of the 11-track record, Evans tells Prog: “The mix we did with Michael Brauer was taken prisoner in the loudness wars of the time – as so many albums were.

“While we’re proud of the commercial release, it was very much a product of the times. True Colors is exactly what we heard in Brauer’s studio – the original stereo files.

“There’s more detail, dynamics and depth. And given the digital format, we were able to add a prog-length booklet instead of releasing the album as a coffee table book.

“Without going full George Lucas, True Colors is a fresh take on our first album, sonically and visually.”

McPherson adds: “Were very proud of this record and I love being able to show different perspectives of it. Hats off to Bill for making it happen!”

True Colors is available to purchase exclusively through Calliopia and comes with a 102-page digital book and the download is digitally uncompressed and available on WAV, FLAC, iTunes AAC and MP3.

Find the cover art and tracklist below.

Flying Colors True Colors tracklist

  1. Blue Ocean
  2. Shoulda Coulda Woulda
  3. Kayla
  4. The Storm
  5. Forever In A Daze
  6. Love Is What I’m Waiting For
  7. Everything Changes
  8. Better Than Walking Away
  9. All Falls Down
  10. Fool In My Heart
  11. Infinite Fire

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