Fish launches first album reissues


Fish has released the first two albums in his planned reissues series, with more to follow in the coming months.

Both 1997’s Sunsets On Empire and 1999’s Raingods With Zippos are available via the singer’s website.

Each album comes on three CDs and is packaged in a hardback book featuring 48-pages of illustrations, artwork, photos and extensive sleeve notes written by Fish. These detail the stories behind the lyrics, the writing and recording sessions, the tours and band lineups.

Fellini Days (2001) and Field Of Crows (2004) are the next planned releases and are due in December. His debut solo album Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors (1990), Internal Exile (1991), Songs From The Mirror (1993) and Suits (1994) are scheduled for spring 2016.

Fish is currently on tour across Europe on his Farewell To Childhood trek to mark the 30th anniversary of Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood album. He’ll return to the UK next month.

Sunsets On Empire tracklist


  1. The Perception Of Johnny Punter
  2. Goldfish And Clowns
  3. Change Of Heart
  4. What Colour Is God?
  5. Tara
  6. Jungle Ride
  7. Worm In A Bottle
  8. Brother 52
  9. Sunsets On Empire
  10. Say It With Flowers


  1. Goldfish And Clowns (Demo with Steven Wilson)
  2. Sunsets On Empire (Demo with Steven Wilson)
  3. What Colour Is God? (Demo with Steven Wilson)
  4. Do Not Walk Outside This Area (Demo with Steven Wilson)
  5. Perception Of Johnny Punter (Demo with Steven Wilson)
  6. Say It With Flowers (Demo with Steven Wilson)
  7. Perception Of Johnny Punter (USA version with alternative lyrics)
  8. Do Not Walk Outside This Area (Japan bonus track)
  9. Tara (Radio edit)
  10. Goldfish And Clowns (Radio edit)
  11. What Colour Is God?( History Of Guns remix)


  1. Change Of Heart (from “Communion” St Mary’s Church, Haddington)
  2. Tara (from “Communion” St Mary’s Church, Haddington 2006)
  3. Worm In A Bottle (From Haddington Corn Exchange, Company Convention 1998)
  4. Goldfish And Clowns (Poland 97)
  5. Jungle Ride (Poland 97)
  6. Perception Of Johnny Punter (Poland 97)
  7. What Colour Is God? (Poland 97)
  8. Brother 52 (Poland 97)
  9. Sunsets On Empire (From Sashimi 1999 recorded in Poznan)

Raingods With Zippos tracklist


  1. Tumbledown
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Incomplete
  4. Tilted Cross
  5. Faith Healer
  6. Rites Of Passage
  7. Plague Of Ghosts


  1. Plague Of Ghosts (Live studio instrumental)
  2. All These Christs (Tony Turrell instrumental demo)
  3. Plague Of Ghosts (from Sashimi live in Poznan, Poland 1999)


  1. Incomplete (Acoustic demo with Elisabeth Troy 1998)
  2. Chasing Miss Pretty (studio version from Kettle Of Fish compilation)
  3. Mr Buttons (studio version from Kettle of Fish compilation)
  4. Tilted Cross (Acoustic version from Communion 2006)
  5. Incomplete (Acoustic version from Communion 2006)
  6. Rites Of Passage (Acoustic version from Communion 2006)
  7. Tumbledown (From Candlelight In Fog USA 2000)
  8. Plague Pf Ghosts (From Candlelight In Fog 2000)