Exodus, Anthrax and more on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


Tonight we've decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the year 1989 in a sort of makeshift silver jubilee of when our musical world was changed forever.

When we weren’t wondering who decided to cast Michael Keaton as Batman (seriously?!) or wishing we had a teacher like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, we were plugging ourselves into huge-ass boomboxes and listening to Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus, Dream Theater, Rush, Anthrax, Aerosmith and Primus.

And tonight we’ll be talking about the frankly gross news that a backpacker found a three-inch leech that had been living up her nose for a month. Yeah, we know… Ms Liverani was having a shower when she was realised the dark shape wriggling in her nose was actually an animal. This pretty obviously got us thinking…

What’s the longest you’ve overstayed your welcome or had a guest who just wouldn’t leave?

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