Buckley leaves ETID tour as pregnant wife falls ill


Keith Buckley has left Every Time I Die’s current North American tour after his pregnant wife Lindsay fell seriously ill.

He’s been replaced at short notice by Tyler Brand of Exalt, while he waits in hospital for updates on the status of his partner and their daughter, who was born two months premature in a medical procedure.

Buckley says: “As I was preparing for my book release party in Toronto, I received an urgent call that Lindsay – seven months pregnant – had developed a rare and life-threatening complication which required immediate removal of our child, in order to save both her life and Lindsay’s.

“Andy Williams and our tech Kevin White raced me to the hospital in Buffalo where I saw sights that no man, father or husband should ever have to see. It is here that I now wait as their conditions stabilise.”

He says his bandmates have given him as much time as he needs to deal with the situation, while they continue their tour.

Buckley adds: “I apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause and will do all I can to make it up to you. For the moment, however, all of my being is focused on the recovery of my lionhearted wife and my frail but beautiful new daughter.”