Earthside's Jamie van Dyck reveals cancer diagnosis

(Image credit: Justin Burocki)

Earthside guitarist and orchestrator Jamie van Dyck has revealed he has testicular cancer. In a post on social media earlier today, the musician with the US cinematic prog rockers has revealed he is to undergo an operation and his prognosis is good.

Earthside are due to release their long-awaited new album Let The Truth Speak through Music Theories Recordings on November 17. It's the band's fist new album for eight years. Earthide had also been named as support to Australian proggers Voyager on their upcoming October European dates

In a social media post, Van Dykck said, "Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that last week, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Later today I'll be getting the bad testicle removed (an orchiectomy). My prognosis is extremely good, and initial scans and bloodwork show no signs of it having spread outside the one testicle with a tumor. I'll know more a week from now once they've analyzed the tumor and the pathology report comes back.

"For those of you planning to come see us in Europe, I understand if this begs the question of ‘what about the upcoming tour/festival dates?’. I’m not gonna go there right now. I appreciate your patience. Obviously I’d love to play for and meet as many of you as we can.

"P.S. I will also be getting a prosthetic to replace the bad one, so if I have superpowers the next time you see me, you'll know that it's because I now have a robo-bionic ball next to my remaining functional/natural one."

Jerry Ewing

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