Early Maiden men in reunion

Four early members of Iron Maiden, who were part of the NWOBHM giants in 1977, staged a reunion at the weekend.

Vocalist Dennis Willcock, keyboardist Tony Moore, drummer Barry ‘Thunderstick’ Purkis and guitarist Terry Wapram gathered at the Hope And Anchor bar, where Wapram’s band Buffalo Fish were playing.

The moment was arranged by fan group Maiden 77, who admitted afterwards: “We had been planning something – but to be honest we didn’t know if we could pull this off. A reunion of 80% of the 19771978 lineup! Thank you guys. It was an amazing night.”

Moore only played one show with Steve Harris’ band, before it was decided that keyboards didn’t fit his sound. Thunderstick was Maiden’s drummer for a few months while Willcock and Wapram spent nearly a year in the lineup.

The four men signed copies of a book entitled Outside Iron Maiden, focusing on all the ex-members of the band. They’re reported to be considering recording an album of the band’s songs in the style of the early sound.

Wapram reported via his band page: “The original Iron Maiden 77 members got on like a house on fire. One moment that topped the night was a guy talking to member about ‘X’ member, and how well he knew him. The member he was talking to was one of his best pals. Talk about name dropping and landing in a pile of it!”

Iron Maiden’s future plans are on hold while frontman Bruce Dickinson recovers from cancer treatment. He’s expected to be back in action before the end of the year.

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