Mustaine: Dystopia shows lineup chemistry at its best

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine says the addition of Kiko Loureiro and drummer Chris Adler have created a special chemistry within the band.

The pair joined the lineup following the 2014 departures of Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover and appear on Megadeth’s 15th album entitled Dystopia, out on January 22.

Mustaine tells Music Feeds: “There’s a lot of really great songs that, when they were in my head, I thought were going to turn out good. But after getting Chris Adler and Kiko to add their chemistry to the record…

“I’ve had great guys I’ve played with, but I think Kiko has the widest expanse of guitar playing knowledge. It’s just given the record all of the flavour and tone that I’ve always wanted.”

Mustaine reports the group dynamic has improved greatly with the skillset and personality of Loureiro.

He says: “Kiko is so wise when it comes down to music, and he’s just a super-intelligent guy. We have some real cerebral conversations. He’s a loving husband and dad, and the combination of all those things makes him somebody you want to be around.

“Kiko and I have only been in a band since spring and I don’t know if I’ve ever been this close with any of the other guitar players. Maybe Glen Drover because he was a loveable guy. That is so important when you’re playing with somebody.”

Megadeth will tour the UK in November with Lamb Of God, a trek that sees the group set to play a charity show alongside a Megadeth tribute band.

They previously released the track Fatal Illusion.