Dream Theater’s Rudess hails Apple's tech


Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess says that Apple’s touch-screen technology helped spark his creativity.

He’s released a selection of music apps on both iPhone and iPad via his company Wizdom and he reveals he was inspired to create by the possibilities of the tech firm’s devices.

He tells FreqsTV: “When the iPhone first came out it was a chance to put my hands on a multi-touch device. Even though when I first played it there was no software really. There was a very cheesy piano and that was all.

“I thought there were a lot of possibilities and I kept that vision in my head about an instrument where you could play definite keys but also then play a note and slide into another note – like a fretless instrument.”

He says he was drawn to the idea of bringing together “the world of audio and visual” on Apple’s devices but also wanted to keep his software fun, and adds: “I had an idea how you could have something that would be entertaining but also informative. So when you press on a note you can see the wave form in a visual image.

“I realised a lot of things that were really possible, a lot of expression that could happen using a multi-touch interface.”

Rudess and Dream Theater will return to the UK this summer to play the TeamRock-sponsored Ramblin’ Man Fair at Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent on July 25-26.