Dragonforce show moved in US riot


Dragonforce were ordered to postpone their concert in Baltimore earlier this week after a state of emergency was declared amid street riots.

Members of the public clashed with enforcement officers in unrest fuelled by the death of Freddie Gray in police custody earlier this month.

Dragonforce were preparing to play at Baltimore’s Soundstage when the city-wide behaviour order was activated.

Guitarist Herman Li says: “We thought it was a little weird that all the shops were closed. The only place open was the venue, with a massive queue of fans still trying to get in.

“As we were warming up, we heard the state of emergency had been declared. The show was immediately postponed for the safety of the fans.”

They’ll play at the same venue tonight instead, but doors open early and they’ll be off stage at 10pm to observe the city’s curfew, which is in force all week.

Gray, 25, suffered spinal injuries on April 12 at some point between his arrest and his arrival at hospital. He died five days later, sparking protests in Baltimore and elsewhere. The US Department Of Justice is investigating the circumstances of his arrest, injury and death.

Dragonforce appear at the Download festival at Donington on June 12-14.