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Diagonal stream brand new song 9-Green with Prog

(Image credit: In House PR)

British prog rockers Diagonal return with their third album, Arc, which will be released through Cobblers Records on September 6. It follows on from the band;'s second album, The Second Mechanism, which was released back in 2012. You can hear a brand new song 9-Green from the album below.

“Previously we made albums by playing and playing in a practice room to develop the final track; it took a long time and a lot of energy. We needed a break from that to get the enthusiasm back” says vocalist and saxophonist Nick Whittaker. "However, for the Arc sessions the only pressure was their self-imposed time limit; “but it led to a really relaxed and creative atmosphere. We spent the most time together we had in years, cooked and ate together - a really great break from real life!” 

With the band's hiatus being described as "as real life taking priority", core members Whittaker, keyboard player Alex Crispin and bassist Dan Pomlett (the latter two who had quit prior to The Second Mechanism) formed a new line-up which also features Luke Foster (drums), Ross Hossack (synthesizers) and David Wileman (guitar). Prog is pleased to note that influences such as Krautrock, the Canterbury Scene and Magma all remain.

Full tracklisting is:

1. 9-Green
2. Stars Below
3. Citadel
4. The Spectrum Explodes
5. Warning Flare
6. Arc
7. The Vital
8. Celestia

Arc can be pre-ordered here.


(Image credit: In House PR)