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Deicide '8 or 9 songs' into next album


Deicide are “eight or nine songs” into their next album, drummer Steve Asheim confirms.

The Florida band’s drummer says they hope to lay down tracks in the coming months and issue the follow-up to 2013’s In The Minds Of Evil next year.

He tells Metal Wani: “We’ve got about eight or nine songs, and we’re gonna do another three or four. We’ll pull together when we get back from this tour.

“And if we can pull that music together, the 10 or 12 songs, whatever it might be, and maybe get into the studio and start doing the drums and the music by the end of the year or something, we can have something out by next year.

“I doubt we’ll have anything out by this year.”

Frontman Glen Benton previously admitted in 2014 that Deicide was prepared for a “busy couple of years” before they launch album no.12.