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Viv Campbell prepared for ‘yucky’ cancer op

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has admitted he’s not looking forward to his upcoming cancer surgery – but he’s vowed it’ll lead to a positive result.

He’ll undergo stem cell procedure in the coming weeks, then enter a period of recuperation that includes a near-lockdown situation to protect him from infection.

It follows the return of his Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which had been declared in remission earlier this year.

Campbell says: “As I got home from tour I began the necessary tests and preparations. I’ll be admitted to hospital soon for all the yucky bits, so in the meantime I’m headed to Target to stock up on cozy pyjamas, fresh underwear – and a sackful of car porn.

“While I can’t say that I’m looking forward to the process ahead, I’m very much looking forward to what I feel will be a most successful outcome.

“Next year will be very busy for Def Leppard, with a new album and a world tour. Frankly I don’t think they would sound as loud without me – so I have no intention of letting the team down! See you all (with hair!) in 2015.”

Campbell recorded much of his contribution to the band’s tenth studio record during their summer tour with Kiss, so that progress wouldn’t be interrupted by his absence. Def Lep will play a TV broadcast over the weekend, followed by a run of shows in October and November, without him.