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Danzig lashes out at camera-happy fan

Glenn Danzig has been caught on film grabbing an over-eager fan by the neck on his tour bus after a gig in California.

The singer was playing in Pomono, Southern California, when the fan start filming him from the front row of the audience. In a video hosted by TMZ, Danzig is seen taking the man’s camera and throwing it from the stage.

After the show, the man makes his way to the singer’s tour bus and, while filming him, asks: “You don’t like being photographed?” Danzig replies: “Fuck no,” before reaching for the camera and grabbing the fan round the neck.

TMZ reports that the fan is Navid Farsi, who earlier this year threw sugar at Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and was later arrested.

In 2005, Danzig was filmed arguing with a man backstage. The former Misfits frontman pushes the man before being floored with a punch.

Danzig is expected to release an album of covers this summer, featuring versions of tracks by Black Sabbath, ZZ Top and the Everly Brothers.

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