Curved Air ex Darryl Way launches Myths, Legends And Tales

Darryl Way

Ex Curved Air member Darryl Way has released a solo album entitled Myths, Legends And Tales.

The violinist and multi-instrumentalist joined his former band for their 45th anniversary show in 2015 – and he says he’s managed to successfully incorporate the electric violin into his new 10-track album.

Way says: “As a rock violinist I have always been searching for that elusive sound, turn of phrase and means of expression that would give the electric violin a legitimate voice in the idiom of rock music.

“With this album, I feel that I have come closer than ever before to achieving this goal.

Myths, Legends And Tales is another attempt by me to fly the flag for prog rock. I’ve raised the flag up the mast as far as I am able and can only now hope that it will be seen and appreciated by the devoted fans of this neglected genre.”

The album is available to purchase on CD and via iTunes.

Darryl Way Myths, Legends And Tales tracklist

  1. Apollo (Racing Against The Sun)
  2. Orpheus And The Underworld
  3. Whatever Happened?
  4. Dove Of Peace
  5. Strange Goings On
  6. Aphrodite
  7. The Ice Man
  8. Crusader
  9. Helter Skelter
  10. Prometheus Chained