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Crumbling Ghost announce mini-album

Crumbling Ghost have announced that they’ll release a mini-album entitled Five Songs on April 1.

The London-based outfit are said to “celebrate the more sinister side of British folk history and music,” with their upcoming material described as exploring “the sorrowful histories of long-deceased inhabitants of forgotten Britain.”

The statement on the mini-album continues: “Five Songs takes you on an ethereal stroll through doomed relationships, drownings and confidence tricksters, in four new arrangements of traditional folk songs, plus a new original track.”

The mini-album is available to order in a variety of formats via the group’s Bandcamp page. They’ve also lined up three shows in support of the release.

Crumbling Ghost Five Songs tracklist

  1. Are You Going To Leave Me?
  2. Swansea Town
  3. Omie Wise
  4. Lose And Get Something Good
  5. Maajun

Crumbling Ghost tour dates

Jan 29: London Black Heart, UK (With Golden Void, Holy Sons)
Feb 27: Sheffield Audacious Art Experiment, UK (With Dystopian Future Movies, Body Hound)
Apr 16: Tilburg Roadburn Festival, Netherlands

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