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Clutch, Pantera and more on the Metal Hammer Radio Show

After last night's edition of pure unadulterated evil, we thought we'd bring metal back to its less terrifying form with some riffage.

That being said, the debut tonight comes from Zwan – remember them? The short-lived project from Billy Corgan and members of A Perfect Circle, Chavez, Slint and Tortoise. While they were only active for around two years, their debut record Mary Star Of The Sea is a real stand-out in early noughties alt rock.

But we said there’d be riffs – and we keep a promise. Tonight we’ll be spinning classics from Pantera, Clutch, Thin Lizzy and Crowbar. As well as Suicide Silence, Katatonia and Blues Pills.

And as regular listeners of the Metal Hammer Radio Show know, we also like to waffle on a bit. And tonight we’ll be talking about school (groan, yes we know) because the state of Wyoming has rejected science standards in public education, opening the gates for creationism to be taught in school. It got us thinking, and this may or may not be related, but what’s the most useless thing you were taught in school?

We learnt how to make a funny wobbly noise with a ruler on the desk. That’s pretty much all we remember before finding out that alcohol existed.

Tune in to Team Rock Radio online or on DAB tonight at 9pm.