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Classic Rock Awards: video, gallery & quotes

The Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards show took place in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Hosted by Sammy Hagar, the evening saw awards presented to the likes of Joe Perry, Dave Mustaine and Ozzy Osbourne, while guest presenters included Henry Rollins, Billy Gibbons and Scott Ian. There were live performances from Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts, California Breed, and a rapturously received set from Rival Sons. The evening was finished with a performance by ad-hoc supergroup Kings Of Chaos, featuring Gilbons, Perry, Hagar, Glenn Hughes, Joe Elliott, Brian May and more.

Sammy Hagar, taking the stage: ‘I asked Duff [McKagan] for presentation advice, and he said, “get the fuck outta here!” It’s an honour to still be around getting awards and shit. We’re gonna have some fun. My spirits company guys asked to put some booze on the tables. I said, “are you kidding? They’re all dry here!”

Cadillac Three on being voted Best New Band: “You’re probably wondering: who the fuck are Cadillac Three? Well now you know, motherfuckers! Thank you Billy Gibbon for having us for our first show ever. Thank you!”

Classic Rock’s Geoff Barton, picking up Metallica’s award: “Little did I know that my stories about the NWOBHM would be devoured by Lars Ulrich, this tennis playing Dane. Inspired by those bands, Metallica’s success cannot be denied.”

Joe Elliott, talking about Blizzard Of Ozz, winner of the Classic Album award: “We were working on a second album, High And Dry, which wasn’t working, and a guy came into the Stanley Theater where we were playing, and asked us if we were OK and then had a piss out of the window. Little did he know that he was pissing on his own audience. His name was Ozzy Osbourne. He had the most amazing, fantastic, beautiful guitarist with him: Randy Rhoads. Offstage he was a fantastic human being and so much a beautiful person. And Ozzy, we will never forget how you looked after us.”

Pauley Perette, introducing VIP award winner Sharon Osborne: “When I close my eyes I imagine what it’s like to be an Osbourne. Greatest mom. Greatest dad… [Kelly Osbourne shouts from the audience, ‘it’s a nightmare, trust me!’] The VIP award honours someone who is an intrinsic figure in our world. She has bulldozed her way and takes no prisoners or shit. The first female recipient of this award goes to someone who has managed the career of Slade, Smashing Punpkins and Sabbath. The point is: Sharon, you are awesome.”

Sharon Osbourne: “We are all part of an unbelievable club, and I’m fucking 62 and I’m still working. To have brilliant careers and still be relevant… I have to tell you I fucking hate rap music. God bless Classic Rock. Love you all, God bless!”

Brian May, introducing the Maestro Award: “I am so happy to be part of this club who made what we call Classic Rock. Back in the day it’s just what we did. I am honoured to present this because of the guy who he is. I met this man in 1974 and for the first — and last — time in my career I went on and was incapable of performing as I’d been drinking with Joe Perry. He puts his anger and pain in his playing.”

Joe Perry: ‘I want to thank Classic Rock for bringing this here. Another British Invasion. I’m a player and I like letting the music do the talking. Honoured to get it.’

Scott Ian, introducing Dave Mustaine : ‘I’m here to give the Metal Guru award and wasn’t sure what it meant. It means a master, a teacher. Seriously, looking around it is amazing. Mr Allman, Mr May, Headmaster Osbourne. Another teacher? As a cofounder of Metallica Dave taught the world thrash matters. It was real. Everyday there is a kid hearing Peace Sells for the first time. Generations have learned at the hands of this riff master.’

Gregg Allman, picking up the Living Legend award: “I am honoured to be the recipient of this award on this tenth anniversary. I am humbled to be honoured by my peers, and to be in such great company. Music has always been my passion, and there are a lot of troubled hearts out there, but a lot of us have made them forget.”

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Living Legend (sponsored by Orange Amplification): Gregg Allman

Inspiration (sponsored by Global Merchandise): The Doors

Band Of The Year (sponsored by Universal Records): Queen + Adam Lambert

Film Of The Year (sponsored by AXS.TV): Metallica – Through The Never

Album Of The Year (sponsored by MixRadio): Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey – Going Back Home

Classic Album (sponsored by Eagle Rock): Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard Of Ozz

Outstanding Contribution (sponsored by CitiBank): Jeff Lynne

Reissue Of The Year (sponsored by The Great Frog): Led Zeppelin_ I_, II, III Deluxe Editions

Maestro: Joe Perry

Metal Guru: Dave Mustaine

The Bluesman (sponsored by The Blues Magazine): Eric Burdon

The VIP (sponsored by Sunset Marquis Hotel, Restaurant, Spa): Sharon Osbourne

Best New Band: The Cadillac Three

Hear the full three-hour Classic Rock Magazine Show special edition from the Classic Rock Roll of Honour on demand now.

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