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Check out Corey Taylor’s collaboration with UK rapper Kid Bookie

UK rapper Kid Bookie has released a stream of his collaboration with Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor.

The unexpected project came to light at the start of February, with the pair exchanging tweets about the possibility of working together.

Kid Bookie made the first move, saying to Taylor: “I gotta work with you before both of us leave this earth.”

That led Taylor to respond: “Let’s talk my friend.”

The London artist then checked in to say: “People of earth and beyond. Me and Corey taylor have some very special music coming for you soon. That is all, have a good day.”

It’s now been revealed that the duo have reworked Kid Bookie’s 2018 track Stuck In My Ways, which can be listened to below.

Slipknot will release their highly anticipated sixth studio album on August 9 and head out on tour throughout the summer. They’ll be without Chris Fehn, though, after he parted ways with the Iowa heavyweights last week.