Caravan in pledge campaign for RoSfest DVD


Caravan have launched a PledgeMusic campaign to support the release of a live DVD filmed during this year's appearance at RoSfest in Pennsylvania.

The title will follow Paradise Filter, the band’s first studio album since 2003, which appeared last year following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Mainman Pye Hastings says: “We can’t wait to show you the footage as it was shot live. We have the performance itself plus some backstage footage and outtakes, which we are sure you’ll enjoy watching.

“You can opt to have your name in the credits, receive signed stills from the video shoot, or we can even bestow the honour of executive director on you. We hope you enjoyed the trip so much last time that you’ll join us again so we can release this DVD to the world.”

Pledge points include the live pack at £18 and run to £500 – find out more.